About Us

CML Staff

We are beginning our 43rd year! In 1980 we offered the Continental Mathematics League to our nation’s public and private schools. Through the early 1980’s we added other leagues and contests and in 1990, our first math book.

When we began CML in 1980 we hoped our Leagues and Contests would be a valuable supplement to school programs. We felt the Leagues and Contests would aid schools in helping their students improve their reading comprehension and problem solving skills. We thought that the Leagues and Contests being national in scope would generate student participation and excitement. After 43 years we continue to believe in the above.

We would welcome your school’s participation and look forward to working with you and your students. Please see our individual League pages to find more information about our offerings, including contest dates, fees and awards. You can also order CML Math Problem Books.

Thank you!